Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Sample of Korean Food

I know I always bring up my trip to Korea and I was looking through my photos and have a few of some of the dishes I got to eat while I was there. Sorry for the quality, my camera wasn't the best at the time.

There two dishes were my first encounter with Korean food. At this point I was a little too nervous to try the second dish, a variety of seafoods in a cream sauce, and stuck with the basic sushi, not realizing that the orange "sprinkles" around each piece were actually caviar.

The treat I am holding in my hand us a waffel covered in honey and whipped cream folded in half. They had these vendors at almost every subway stop. Surprisingly, the the combination of the two wasn't too sweet or overwhelming.

This is the pizza I mentioned yesterday in class. I tried to crop the picture so that you all could get a better look, but I would have lost this one. If you look closely to the large picture on the Pizza Hut sign above the door, you can see that the pizza had waffel fries on it with some sort of sauce drizzled on top. Not my idea of pizza, but that is how the Koreans like it I guess.

This was a masterpiece of a dessert at a breakfast joint. I don't remember all that was on it, but boy was it great. I think there was a chocolate pancake, ice cream of various kinds and then that is a waffel towards to top with cookies.

This is cuttle fish jerky. While we were traveling around in the country, the rest stops we have vendors outside selling this and other quick snacks and then inside they would have a food court like area. If you ever have chance to eat this, try it! It is really sweet and chewy.

This was another treat from a street vendor in downtown Seoul. I am not sure exactly what type of fruit was in it, but I believe it was vanilla ice cream with some sort of berries, watermelon, kiwi and some other things.

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