Thursday, September 27, 2012

Class 9/27 - "A Cook's Tour"

I took a lot at some of Bourdain’s videos from “A Cook’s Tour” and feel in love with his whole journey than I already was. I was fascinated by his encounter with the Geishas. As he mentioned in his videos, I was also someone who until recently had known them only as “call girls” which is not the case. “Geishas are basically professional hostesses. They’re women who have dedicated their lives to the traditional Japanese art. This is highbrow service.” There was something quite magical about the whole entire experience that he had; the atmosphere, the food, the music, and the rules and guidelines he had to follow.
            Then watching his video of his trip to Puebla, I almost started drooling on my computer. The food he was eating was so fresh and his experience, so native compared to what I have experienced when I visit Mexico (which is to be expected when staying in a five-star hotel).
            I feel as if he is a bit more positive in his show than he is in the book, which is to be expected. This book felt more like a confession on sorts, which I enjoyed. We, as readers, got a look into what he was thinking when he encountered these people and foods.
            As for his descriptions on Gordon Ramsey, that was spot on. This man demands the best from his chefs and will not anything but perfection. Having watched Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef, he exudes the high-intensity personality that Bourdain mentions in his book.
            Bourdain describes Thomas Keller as a “quiet, surprisingly modest man” which is was I saw in the show, but it was more of his creativity and love for food that surprised me when I witnessed him on my screen (243). It wasn’t that Bourdain failed to mention this, but he was just SO absolutely passionate about his food and took the time to make sure everything was perfect that it caught me off guard. Here is a chef who has 85 or more people at his disposal every time he is working, and he wants to be such a huge part of the operation. It is inspiring.
            Overall, I loved this book and cannot wait to check out his other ones.

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  1. I totally agree with your statement that this book is a confession of everything that didn't make it into the show as well as a journal of all his adventures. I felt like he was sitting there talking to me, it didn't feel like I was hearing some random narrator telling a story.