Friday, November 9, 2012

Final word on Comensoli's

I feel that my initial expectations of Comensoli’s were almost all wrong. The biggest difference that I saw compared to what I thought would happen was the heaviness of the food. I did not have to be rolled out of the restaurant like I thought I may have to be. The dishes wasn’t overly creamy, weighing me down. The portions were larger than the Italian food I would be served at home, but about the same amount that I tend to receive at other Italian eateries, which I had mentioned in my expectations.
            As for the ambiance, I was totally wrong. There was no Italian music playing, only oldies, and the coloring was less patriotic to Italy and had a more intimate feel. The black, red, and maroon were not what I expected when I thought about Comensoli’s initially.
            The service, as I had eluded too, was interesting. It was slower than I would have liked, but not to the degree that I felt placed it in a negative light.
            As for authenticity, It just goes to prove that there is really no easy way to say something is authentic because everyone can have their own take on the word.
            Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment because it forced me to look at something in my life through a different lens. I know that from now on, no matter where I go to eat outside my home, I will be looking around at everything and really questioning the whole experience, rather than just the food. It will be interesting to keep trying to define authenticity as well and how it fits into my life as a newfound foodie. 

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