Monday, November 12, 2012

Process Writing

My process for writing all of these pieces was simply forcing myself to start them. No matter if I thought my idea was good or bad, I just had to get something down on the page and run with it. Normally, I had to rewrite the beginning of my pieces because they included a bunch of jumbled thoughts, but once I was able to start forming coherent sentences and ideas, everything flowed smoothly. 
            I think one of the most frustrating things for me was the memoir. Since it was our first piece, I had to remember how to get my creative juices flowing after the long summer break.  Like I said in the previous paragraph, the beginnings are always the hardest, but one I start getting words down on the page, I didn't have any trouble coming up with ideas.
            Some of the changes that I always have to make when revising my writing are looking over sentences and their flow. I am sure this happens for most people, but every idea sounds wonderful in my head, but on paper sometimes it doesn’t turn out exactly how I want it to.  
            My review piece needed a lot of revision. I had to work on describing the food more clearly and using similes. I am still not sure if I mastered that, but that was the biggest struggle I had when trying to reword the three pieces we had to write.
            I had a lot to revise on my perfect meal piece because I had left a lot out. I think that this was the most challenging revision because I had to rearrange paragraphs in order for everything to flow smoothly, but expanding on my ideas and adding what I was missing was easy because I had simple forgotten to mention those things, not realizing their significance until we had discussed it in class. 
            As for my classmate’s suggestions to my writing, I took most of them into consideration. I am always open to suggestions from others because writing is rewriting and I’m always striving to make my pieces stronger. I don’t think there is one particular example of a situation where I didn’t listen to a comment because I thought my way was better. I’m sure that happened quite often while I was revising, but I tend to mesh my own ideas with other’s suggestions to help my piece overall.
            It’s hard to describe specifically what this course taught me. Not only had my writing gotten strong, as it always does as you keep writing, but I learned more about myself as a food consumer in America. I learned about different ways to go about researching and purchasing food and other products in the market, but also what stances my classmates took on different food related subject areas. The largest idea that I have taken from this class is that food is much more integrated into almost every part of a country. From its economy, its culture, and its way of life, food is something that can spark a passionate debate at any point in the day. It’s the one thing we can’t live without and that is why we were able to have such great discussions in class. 

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